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I have a major announcement!

Many of you who have been long time members may have noticed I have not been as active with VTR and VAB as I usually have been in the past. Here is the reason why...

Jaye Pause and Brad Webb of have taken me on as a partner in their sites! I am now the programmer for their sites! You likely know them from, one of the largest mailer sites on the web, consistently ranked by Bill Carr of in his "Top 5 Safelists."

It is also nice to see VAB and VTR in the top 2 spots of Bill's "Discover More Advertising" section. Thanks Bill! I really appreciate it!

This new partnership started a couple months back. I have been doing some work at SOTAM where if you have been a member there for some time, you have already seen some big changes!

Jaye and Brad noticed me over a year ago, their attention caught by the uniqueness of my own personal work where I create my own scripts from scratch, nothing "Out-Of-The-Box." is certainly nothing "Out-Of-The-Box" and is why I feel honored and privileged to work for them!

Although is consistently ranked so highly, I don't think it gets the credit it deserves. I am not saying this because I am now a partner, but because I have been "on the inside!"

There is proprietary scripting inside that totally reflects a level of integrity, the epitome, of what all site owners should strive towards in presenting themselves to their members.

The Total Members you see on the front page is exactly correct. Members come and go, they delete their accounts. Where many sites show a massive membership, one way some of those sites dupe a person into thinking the membership is larger than it really is, is to never subtract those who have deleted their accounts. SOTAM consistently grows every day and what you see on the home page is the real number of active members at SOTAM. Many sites do not even show you how many members there are. Would you buy a package that allows you to send to 5000 members if you actually knew that site only had 2000 members? Knowing how many members a mailer site has is very important!

Another very important fact that is not publicized is the fact that when you send out an email, your email is going to reach as many inboxes as possible. SOTAM uses an extensive scripting system that automatically filters out members who are bouncing. This is very important as well because of you put in the work and time to send out to any button level, you should have the assurance that those members who your email is going out to is going to reach their inbox rather than bounce! Using a site without a bounce filtering system in place results in many and can even be most of your emails never getting to an inbox!

In addition, no mailer site can guarantee 100% deliverability of your emails. With the newest sites coming out today, you are completely dependent on emails reaching you inbox in order to gain credits. Some emails will never hit your inbox due to members using bad mailing practices like using content in their headlines or main content that use spam words. Your email provider could filter these emails out so that you never even see them at all. That results in you not being able to gain all the credits that you could have. At SOTAM, although you may somehow not get an email in your inbox that was sent to you, you now know how many Unclaimed Solo Ads you have available where you can claim them onsite!

This leads us to another proprietary system that new members will find at SOTAM! Virtually every other mailer out there that you may join, when you join you are left to have to wait until you get enough emails sent to you before you have enough credits to send out an email of your own. This can take days! Not at SOTAM! When new members join, there are Solo Ads waiting to be claimed right away in the Extended Solo Ads area! As I write, a new person can join SOTAM as a free member and can send an email to as many as 3000 members, for free, within about 30 minutes! What other mailer site is out there where a new member can mail 3000 members in less than 30 minutes of joining?!?

There is so much more to SOTAM than I can reveal! Trade secrets must remain secret! Proprietary engineering can only come from a site that is not created from "Out-Of-The-Box" scripts!

There is so much more to come to SOTAM! Something very big that will set a whole new standard in the mailer industry is on it's way! If you are not already a member of SOTAM, you will be! lol!