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If you didn't already notice, has hit a major milestone! has now shown over 500,000,000 ads! That's half way to 1 BILLION!

Not only that, another major milestone will hit in about 2 weeks! will hit 20,000 members!

It has been 19 months since opening the doors, and is half way to 1 billion ads shown to over 5.4 million people!

The growth has not stopped and after the typical internet marketing summer slump, the growth is rising quickly again!

Those who have their ads in the VIral Pool are getting a huge share of the current average of over 875,000 ads being shown per day which is resulting in tons of passive advertising for those members!

I have all of you to thank for making such a successful viral advertising tool, a truly viral advertising tool! Viral is such an overused word, but truly is! There are not many advertising tools out there where your referrals actually advertise for you! The more referrals you gain, the more people are advertising for you!

Not only are they advertising you, virally and exponentially, you are also being virally branded on an exponential scale!



On another note, many of you already know know that Jaye Pause and Brad Webb took me into their circle of sites, in partnership, as their new programmer. I have been putting a lot of time into and huge developments are happening there, most of which you are yet to see if you are already a member. If you aren't already, you should really take a look at the original site that coined the phrase "Viral Mailer" 3 years before everyone else decided to use it! With a membership of over 22,000, and growing everyday, why settle for less?

Jaye and Brad also have other sites currently running, and others to come that I am now involved in, such as and Be prepared, not only for the new industry standards that will be set in the current State-Of-The-Art-Sites machines in operation, but also for what is to come in the form of new sites in the future!




Thanks again everyone for making such a success and for the long term future, years to come!