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The following offer is only good until the end of the year! BOGO!

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I am sure most members do not know this, and you should!

I promote VTR heavily myself and I use a very special link that select members benefit from...

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If you didn't already notice, has hit a major milestone! has now shown over 500,000,000 ads! That's half way to 1 BILLION!

Not only that, another major milestone will hit in about 2 weeks!

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I have a major announcement!

Many of you who have been long time members may have noticed I have not been as active with VTR and VAB as I usually have been in the past. Here is the reason why...

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Most of you may not already know that the US Government has frozen the assets of and the owner, Paul Burks of Lexington, N.C., has been charged with Securities Fraud. It is reported that, which is also connected to, is a $600 million Ponzi scheme on the verge of collapse. Usually, the government stays out until a collapse but has taken action to protect as much money as possible by halting the operations before a collapse.

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Before I get into what this update is all about with, I encourage you to take a look at another very recent post...
Payza - Pole Vaulting Over Mouse Turds

That post is in regards to the mis/dis-info and fear-mongering being spread about Payza's new User Agreement.

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The monthly Progressive Viral Grid Jackpot will be won in less than 2 days! As I write it is up to $32.37!

Let me show you how much money vTrafficRush gives away just through the Viral Grid every month alone!

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I have made a change to vTrafficRush in an effort to make things easier for those who are new to internet marketing. This change has to do with the required monthly minimum of sharing your Viral Ad Page in other places to unlock the over 900 free traffic sources!

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The topic of splash pages, once known as squeeze pages, has always been in debate since they were first created. Many members have asked me to create a splash for VTR which created a dilemma. I finally came up with a solution! But first, a tidbit of history.

I come from a time when there was less than 10 traffic exchanges on the web, when a splash page or squeeze page was not even seen as a need nor even thought of yet. In fact, I remember when there was only one TE, the grandfather of them all, The reason splash pages were not even thought of yet?

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