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Sometimes less is more. In fact, it is an art. For some it is even a gift! I have always had a tendency to give too much info, too many details. I have been in many sales positions throughout my life and a lesson learned by many a great salesman is that you can talk your way OUT of a sale simply by giving too much info! This is a subject that can get very in depth, and I am not going to there. This is about introducing the newest Viral Ad page!

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There are many viral sites similar to but there is one main difference, besides the many differences, that make the site of choice for truly viral advertising campaigns.

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FYI, the Viral Grid Monthly Progressive Jackpot is $27.11, as I write, just 2 weeks into the month!

In one of my recent posts regarding a system I created for Viral Grid Sponsor ads in which I explained how I created a dynamic system for unique visitors for Viral Grid sponsors, it created a bit of confusion for some. Many people could not understand how it no longer matters how many VG Sponsors there are, if there was 2 or 20, that I could maintain the same balance of traffic for all sponsors. So I have some new daily stats to show you what you are missing out on, which are now available for all current VG Sponsors!

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To make things a bit more fair, I have created a something new!

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As many of you now know, the Viral Grid Jackpot is now a monthly prize. Each click on the grid gets you a new entry. The first monthly jackpot will be won at midnight server time which is less than 11 hours from now, as I write.

The Jackpot is currently over $33! The jackpot builds with Viral Grid activity.

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I have created something unique that I feel needs some explaining. For those of you who know your way around internet marketing, primarily what a unique visitor is, it is time to learn a new way of thinking!

This is only specific to vTrafficRush, and it involves the Viral Grid Sponsor Ads.

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Have you?

The Viral Grid 2.0 is experiencing HUUUUGE traffic! In fact, sponsors are now getting well over 300, nearly 400, visitors a day!

As a result, I have to wonder...

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Ever since changing the progressive jackpot to be won at the end of every month, the Viral Grid is skyrocketing!

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I just got done revamping the Viral Grid and it is sooooo much better now!

I had been waiting for someone to win the latest jackpot, which was $53.37, so I could implement my newest upgrade! The jackpot was won by Francis Coughlan! Congratulations Francis!

So now that the latest progressive jackpot has been won, here are the details of the new Viral Grid!

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I would like your thoughts on a new addition, but first a quick reflection on the first year.

It has been an amazing first year! Here are the stats after being open for 1 year:

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