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This is just a quick note to let you know that I have added my constantly updated list of what is now 672 active Traffic Exchanges that is available to anyone who joins. This is now pointed out on everyone's Viral Ad Page as an incentive for people to join your downline!

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As I write, is 5 days away from it's first birthday!

I have been doing a lot to the site in preparation of this day. The exterior has a new paint job, and, if you haven't seen it yet, the interior has been remodeled as well. There are some other changes to the interior in the works to make the site flow a bit better, but they are minor in comparison to what is coming, with the expected launch in 5 days to mark the first birthday of vTrafficRush!

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If you haven't seen it yet, I just gave a major makeover!

Also added is something to enhance the viral branding aspect which creates powerful benefits for pros who are already branded, and newbies who are just getting started!

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2 parts here...

1, is coming up on it's 1 year anniversary. What are the stats?

2, I have a new site coming. It will be revolutionary in viral marketing that will be like on steroids!

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In VTR news today...

1 - Viral Grid progressive jackpot over $83!

The Viral Grid Progressive Jackpot has reached an astonishing level, over $83! I would have thought that by now it would have awarded a lucky member and maybe it will before Christmas hits! What a nice little cash pot that would be for somebody!

How do you win?

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I have a new site in mind and I need your opinion so I know what kind of interest there may be in what I propose before I spend the time it will take to make the following happen. Please read this carefully, then share yes or no if you like the idea.

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I just spent another 24 hour coding run making some BIG improvements. Some of you may have already noticed some of it. Here is the big break down. is already the number 1 viral advertising site on the web compared to many similar sites such JustClickSix, FreeViral, 01Viral, Fwebtraffic, and quite a few others out there. All you have to do is compare the data on on Alexa and you will see most do not even come close to in world traffic ranking. currently sits at 19,154 globally where the majority of similar sites are hovering around 100,000 a less. In the US, currently sits at 16,523. Overall, if you are not familiar with and how they rank the traffic of sites and what countries it comes from, you will find it is a great tool in determining if a site truly is busy with traffic or not. You would be amazed how many sites being promoted out there that sit around 1 million and more in global traffic ranking. Unless it is a brand spanking new site with not enough data, you can be sure a site sitting at 7 figures traffic ranking is likely not going to pan out. The lower the number the better. Facebook, for example is the number 2 most visited site in the world out of an estimated 40 million sites worldwide.

vTrafficRush is consistently gaining an average of 240+ new members a week, but I am never satisfied and am always looking at ways to make vTrafficRush better for you!

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The most common question I get, asked every day, is, "How does this work?" or "How do I start?"

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As I write I have already purchased over 350,000 visitors through many sites. The goal, 500,000 in the next 24 hours! Don't get me wrong, there will not be a blast of that many in the next 24 hours, I am just making the buys right now and they should start to hit very shortly and hopefully should last about for about 2 or 3 weeks.

So, do you have your ads ready?

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I am pleased to announce that Viral Grid Sponsor ads have opened back up and they come with a major modification!

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