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*** UPDATE October 18th, 3:34PM

*** The below changes are now in place. PayPal is now back online!


There are very important policy changes and changes to the business model that you must understand, so I encourage you to read this thoroughly!

This is to inform you of major changes soon to come with

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It has come to my attention there are more than a few traffic exchanges that are blocking or not approving

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Activity on the Viral Grid is really starting to ramp up. The Progressive Jackpot, that can be won by anyone at any time, has now topped $37.00!

More members are clicking every day and the Viral Grid is starting to live up to it's name! With the amount of activity I anticipate the someone is going to win the progressive jackpot very soon! Once somebody wins, it will be reset and will start at $20!

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I have just added $10 to the Viral Grid Progressive Jackpot!

The Viral Grid Progressive Jackpot now sits at $33.55 as I write this!

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As a  dev I love to be creative and play with new technologies and libraries, as you likely noticed on the home page, which is also your Viral Ad page. However, some issues have been presented to me.

Due to popular demand, I have created a LITE Viral Ad page!

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Today is 7 months old and is proving to be around for the long haul! In fact, in the last 2 weeks 1,249 new confirmed members have joined!

This weekend is ramping up to be a great weekend with already 143 new members in just the last 24 hours!

Some new things have been added and a change made.

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The Viral Grid is a place where all members, free and pro can win free cash instantly by simply visiting sites! This is completely free to play! Currently, free members get 25 free daily chances, and pro members get 50. The free daily chances are reset every day at midnight server time.

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This is an explanation of what The Market is all about, how I market for you, and how it benefits those who market the most.

One thing I do very differently than nearly all other sites, is reward those who market the most by giving them the biggest advantage of gaining referrals though my own efforts.

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Read more: Planting Seeds - How I work for you! launched early March, 2011. Within only a few weeks it started showing 1 million ads a day. Nearly 7 months later it still continues to show around 1 million ads pre day, every single day.

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